Most people aren't particularly fond of spending most of their waking moments at work. But we'd challenge you to find a person more work-averse than 56-year old Hans Url of Austria.

Instead of having his unemployment benefits cut because he hadn't yet found a job, Url cut off his foot with an electric saw so he could qualify for permanent disability.

Then he threw the stray appendage in the fireplace in a misguided attempt to hide the evidence.

The immediate downside to his plan was was that he almost bled to death, barely surviving the helicopter trip to the hospital after calling for an ambulance.

The kicker (haha) here is it looks like his desperate act won't help him avoid the work he so dreaded.

"He will be assessed once he is out of hospital,"  Austrian official Hermann Gossinger explained." And we will see what work we can find for him."

Ouch, all around. Maybe should've started with the pinky toe there, Hans. Safe to say this dude loves the 'Saw' franchise. Next time someone asks you for the url, cut off their foot.

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