Wasilla Alaska is known for having a lot of snow on the ground, being the hometown of Sarah Palin, and now-- having a giant birth cannon outside of it's local high school.  Well, the sculpture is actually entitled "The Warrior Within," but murmurs of "Dude, that looks like your mom's meat wallet" can be heard in passing through the halls of the school.

The sculpture is said to be worth $100,000, and the artists insist that they did not intend for the piece to be  a giant vagoo.  The principal, Amy Spargo, received complaints from students and parents. She doesn't know if the art is suited for display outside of a high school.   There is also the slight fear that the sculpture will be a victim of vandalism.

The Wasila local newspaper, The Frontiersman quoted the artists' description of the piece in their newspaper, and the most interesting line is..

The stone form represents the strong material from which a warrior is made.”

Strong material from which a warrior is made? And where exactly is every Warrior made? Exactly. Cleveland. Wait, no, the vagina. We think the artists' knew exactly what they were doing with this piece of art. Something smells really fishy about all this. No pun intended.

[Via The Frontiersman]

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