Whether she is doing the Cat Daddy or getting up close and personal with a Carl's Jr. burger, Kate Upton and videos have always been a winning combination.

The latest clip from the buxom 20-year-old, though, is a bit stranger than her previous efforts. In the video shoot for CR Fashion Book, Upton rolls around in the grass with babies of both the human and animal persuasion.

“I didn't want a normal model. I wanted someone with a sensual body, someone who could be a mother for all these babies.” said magazine's editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld, as if that's a normal person thing to say.

What she fails to explain is why the short film titled “Hush Lil Baby Don't You Cry," also includes a man dressed like a unicorn.

What do you think? Do Upton's ample bosoms make this scene sexy? Or are you resentful toward Roitfeld and her fashion goons for trying to force baby goats into your fantasies? Maybe you're just resentful because it worked, you perv.

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