Our love for for Kate Upton knows no bounds.We love featuring the girl, because it gives us - the writers - a good excuse to stare at them her. So imagine our glee when swimwear brand Beach Bunny announced a new range of bikinis designed by Upton herself.

Upton has modeled for Beach Bunny for quite some time now, so it was only in due time the busty blonde got the opportunity to offer her inputs in what she liked to personally see in swimwear.

After being named the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl, flagging off this year's Daytona race and appearing in quite a few commercials already, Upton's career seems to be on quite a roll. We're not going to pass judgement on her designing skills, as we rather leave that to the women who wear the bikinis.

We will give a little bit of advice since we're such fans of bathing suits. Always remember Kate "Less is more and nothing is even better!"

Kate Upton black bikini beach bunny
Kate Upton Pink bikini beach bunny
Kate Upton black bikini back

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