Meet Ania, a beautiful young girl who splits her time between Vancouver (not that Vancouver) and Moscow. She's a Russian mail order bride in training who thinks she looks a lot like Kate Upton. So Ania did the Upton SI cover pose and posted the photo to Twitter.

At least one person thinks she looks like Kate Upton and that's Kate Upton. Upton retweeted the photo. The internet is now in "argue mode" about if Ania does or doesn't look like Kate. Luckily the internet only has one mode so it all worked out in this case.

I personally don't care if Ania does or doesn't look like Upton. They are both hot. I'll take the uglier of the pair. I'm more interested in learning about how a woman prepares to be a Russian mail order bride.

I'm imagining it's a lot like the training montage in Rocky 4.

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