A 26-year-old Britney Spears fan has spent more than $90,000 to look like the pop queen. 

The man from a small Bible-belt town in Ohio who was once known as Kody, and now goes by the name Kara, is an aspiring actress. 'She' says even before she got the sex change people were mistaking her for a girl and some even told her she looked like Britney Spears. Probably not the best reason to have your wiener cut off, but who are we to pass judgement.

“When people told me they could see Britney in me, it was a huge compliment.” said Hays. “I viewed her as a very strong woman. Everybody wanted to date her.”

By the time Kody was 15, he had already been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and with his parent’s consent he began taking female hormones in order to start making progressive efforts toward his sex change. His folks really stuck by the whole, 'you can be anything you want' method of child-rearing

In 2002, after an intensive 14-hour gender reassignment surgery and breast implant surgery - Kara was complete.

We wonder how many times he/she played, 'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' before going under the knife.

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