Rest assured that whenever a game publisher insists the finale of a trilogy will close out the series, what's left unspoken is "only if it doesn't sell well." Not ready to kill off its old warhorse, Sony is prepping Kratos for another round of god-slaying and vixen-sexing in God of War: Ascension.

Glaring evidence of the unannounced game is everywhere. Not only is there an Amazon listing, but Kotaku has posted a teaser trailer.

Those hoping for the rumored God of War IV, in which Kratos brings the pain to Norse gods, will have to sit on their hands. The upcoming game, which will most likely be announced at E3, looks to be a prequel that tracks Kratos's wacky antics as a rage-filled, blades-swinging human before he became a rage-filled, blade-swinging god-man guy.

[Via Kotaku]

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