If you've ever wondered what a football might see as it speeds into the outstretched arms of Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, wonder no more. Also, you need better things to think about in your spare time. The Madden NFL 13 cover, which is sure to curse Johnson into a season-ending journey, is already out and surely working its voodoo magic.

Released on the EA Sports Facebook page, the cover shot is far more in-your face than usual, with Megatron's unnaturally huge gloved hands looking like they're reaching out to throttle our scrawny necks. Or catch a football. Whichever is more convenient. Whatever the case, he's going to grab a hold of his target with authority and make Minnesota Vikings fans sad. Leave it to Johnson to somehow make Detroit's powder blue seem intimidating. Of course, that will all go away once the Madden curse has its way with Johnson.

The game comes out Aug. 28. Now that there's official box art to place atop the counter, expect gaming store clerks to pressure you into reserving a copy. Unless they are busy dreaming about being a football.