A hot threesome with two beautiful women while everyone is under a drug-induced thrall is commonly cited as a male fantasy. Jerry Streng tried to live that dream, but quickly discovered the Sophomoric adage is true: all great plans won't get you laid but they might get you screwed.

The 63-year-old Streng paid two women - Jacqueline Eubanks, 50, and Tonia Good, 34 - for a night of druggy passion in Berlin, Pennsylvania. Because what else is there to do in Berlin, Pennsylvania? His first mistake: using his own home.

As it turned out, the ladies only had eyes, and hands, for each other. According to the 'Hot Pennsyltucky Mess' blog, the pair took his $400 payment, smoked his drugs and made him sit in a corner and watch.

After the women left, Streng did what any sensible man who had just been shut out of an illegal threesome would do. No, not that. He called 911. Twice. To report that the two women he paid for sex didn't deliver.

All three were eventually picked up by police, jailed and slapped with prostitution-related charges.

One thing is for sure -- Streng has balls. No brain, sure, but giant balls. Of course how would the ladies know, they never actually stuck around to see them.

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