Fish, tadpoles and frogs, oh my!

A man in China recently drank a mason jar filled with live fish, tadpoles and frogs. Yes, he drank the water and swallowed the creatures. Yum, right?

The man provides a closeup view of his concoction, in case anyone doubts he's bonkers enough to drink it, and declares, "Let's have a heroic challenge. One frog, two frogs, three frogs, plus a catfish, tadpoles. Look how big they are. Did you see? Let's do this."

He then pounds the drink the way you might enjoy a Gatorade after running a mile.

Why he felt compelled to drink the mixture remains to be seen. Or, come to think of it, we probably don't need to see it. Watching him scarf down these friendly swamp creatures who didn't want to end up in a belly like Job was more than enough for our weary eyes.