Life is all fun and games for one man in China.

Li Meng, 30, has spent the last 6 years spending all day everyday playing video games in an Internet café in the Jilin province. Li only gets up from his seat to grab a bite to eat or use the bathroom.

He takes a shower on a rare occasion because, well, you really don’t need to practice good hygiene while trying to dominate in Everquest II against some clown who's either halfway across the world or halfway across the aisle and also smelly, do you?

A friend of Li’s said, "He generally comes to play at night, gets sleepy during the day and sleeps here. From time to time, he will be out to take a bath.” He kind of sounds like an unemployed guy in his bathrobe watching 'How I Met Your Mother' reruns all day on FX, only sadder.

The manager of the café said Li has pretty much become part of the décor at this point:

He's no trouble. In fact we barely hear anything from him at all. He pays his bills and doesn't upset anyone. The staff almost never talk to him unless there's a technical problem or he wants some food.”

Li reportedly makes enough money to sustain his lazy lifestyle by selling merchandise online. What kind of merchandise exactly remains a mystery. Also a mystery? Whether he has ever chatted with a female without having to type in a password, first.

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