It's getting closer to 2015 -- the year Marty McFly gets canned by his boss through his TV in 'Back to the Future II' -- so tech companies had better hurry up and make such a thing a possibility before that deadline. Rest assured that Microsoft is on it, possibly upgrading its lackluster Xbox 360 video chat by integrating Skype into the fray.

Microsoft is hiring a software engineer with the skills to get Skype humming on a console. We're guessing, judging from 'Back to the Future II,' that it's a plus if you know how to allow mega-bosses to eavesdrop your convos in order to allow them to pop up on your wall phone and fire you on the spot.

Of course, nothing guarantees Microsoft will pipe this tech into the Xbox 360. It may well be held back for the next Xbox, rumored to be revealed in June at E3. If that's the case, be sure not to ever upgrade to that system and force your boss to fire you the old fashioned way, via text message.

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