When it comes to ice, we only want it to do one thing -- make our drinks cold. We certainly don't want it to snitch to our friends after we've had one too many. But a MIT student has invented exactly that -- digital ice that monitors how quickly someone is drinking and sends out an alert when they've hit their limit.

After partying too hard on campus last fall and waking up seven hours later in the emergency room, 23-year-old MIT grad student Dhairya Dand created the high-tech solution as a way to prevent binge drinking.

The cubes are made from gelatin and feature infrared transmitters, accelerometers and LEDs that change color depending upon the pace and quantity of a person's alcohol consumption.

But here's where it gets crazy -- if a person continues to drink after the LED lights turn red, the cubes send out text messages to friends alerting them that he should be taken home.

The cubes initially started as a one-off invention, but Dand said he plans to seek out grants to develop them further. It's anybody's guess what might happen if some drunk accidentally swallows an accelerometer.

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