A bunch of free-to-play games aimed at kids are geared to trick ankle-biters into buying upgrades and charging them to parents who game makers hope don't check their credit card statements. A California mom whose kid ran up a Facebook Credits tab at her expense is suing the site, saying her state's laws forbid sites from letting minors buy stuff online without parental permission.

If the woman gets her way, Facebook will not only have to refund her money, but $5 million to cover refunds for all parents in the country with the same problem. The case is filed in U.S. District court, so the ruling could have a widespread influence in snuffing out games like this.

Although the suit is aimed at Facebook, Apple has also gotten into hot water over the issue, and there are infinite browser games that try to shake parents down through their little ones down in a similar matter.

[Via Gamasutra]

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