Yesterday we told you that 'Halo 4' would be kicking down your door Nov. 6, and now we're telling you that it's bringing some friends along -- late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien and ever-present sidekick Andy Richter. The pairing of pasty, non-threatening comedians and a hardcore, distant future-set fragfest doesn't quite calculate, but whatever.

O'Brien and Richter will apparently pop up near the end of the game. That is unless the nefarious Jay Leno throws his weight around and gets developer 343 Industries to boot Conan off in favor of him, demanding his character get a 'Halo Reach' jetpack to boot.

Our guess is that O'Brien and Richter will play some sort of futuristic pair of talking heads reminiscent of Chris Tucker's role in 'The Fifth Element.'

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