There's this obscure character known as "Mario" who has starred in a few Japanese games. It's not like nearly all of them have been international bestsellers or anything, nor that "Mario" has pretty much been the face of gaming for the past quarter century. The rights to this "Mario" guy are owned by a podunk operation called "Nintendo."

Up to speed now? OK, take off your hat before you read on, because your mind is about to be blown and little pieces of your brain are about to get splattered everywhere. "Nintendo" is using this "Mario" character in yet another videogame!

The news leaked because Nintendo has went and registered the doman All kidding aside, the revelation is fairly important, because Nintendo hasn't released a numbered entry since way back in 1988, when Super Mario Bros. 3 -- released here in 1990 because Nintendo, seductive minx that it is, makes us Americans wait for everything -- rocked our childhood worlds.

Since the Wii's days are running short, we've got to assume the game is earmarked for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console, which is due out during the holiday season. Either that or the big N is making it for Virtual Boy, determined to convince everyone that its red-hued virtual reality opus was ahead of its time.

[Via IGN]

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