"Nipple bacon." They're two words strung together that sound weird, like "Yummy! Tofu!," "vegetarian delight" or "Mmm! Cockroach!"

Why are we talking about this? Well, someone took to Twitter to share a photo of a piece of bacon with a nipple attached to it:

The picture of the (un?)appetizing food made its way to Reddit, where it inspired a pig big discussion.

Pigs, of course, do have nipples, and one Redditor claims you can chow down on them.

There's definitely something jarring about seeing a nipple on bacon, right? It can ruin your appetite (if it makes you think about breastfeeding) or it can arouse you (if it makes you think about breasts because, well, breasts arouse dudes). So, what do you think? Would you eat this or is it like being offered tickets to a Braves game -- something you have no need to subject yourself to?

Surprisingly, this is not the first time a nipple has shown up in pork products:

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