In our list of favorite things about summer, summer movies ranks a solid #3, second only to girls in short shorts, and girls in bathing suits. Just in time to quench our craving, 'Pain & Gain' hits theatres today.

The latest from Michael Bay, 'Pain & Gain' stars Marky Mark and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a couple of Miami juiceheads in the 90s, who decide to kidnap a rich business man, played by Tony Shalhoub. As you can imagine, the whole heist doesn't go smoothly. Sounds a little like 'Weekend at Bernies' meets 'The Hangover III: Miami' if you ask us, but apparently this tale is based on a true story (Editor's note: Wait, 'Weekend at Bernie's' was fiction??)

Even though we posted this semi-NSFW clip of Arianny Celeste doing 'Pain & Gain' strip trivia for you, the sneak preview clip is so NSFW that we are making you do this:

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