If you've romped your way through all the entirety of the deviously challenging Portal 2 and are hungry for more, there's no sense in waiting around for Valve to make another game. Starting May 8, you'll be able to deal with your Portal-ual frustration the same way you do your sexual frustration -- by taking matters into your own hands.

The Perpetual Testing Initiative, Portal 2's level creator, drops May 8. Sorry, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, this downloadable content is strictly for computer users. We say "computer users" because eternally neglected Mac players will actually get their hands on this thing at the same time as PC gamers.

Even if you aren't into lathering up and jerking out some Portal 2 levels of your own, you'll be able to download the creations of others and rate them. The maddest of props to Valve for finding a way to make one of last year's best games as infinite as Nick and Nora's playlist.

[Via Kotaku]