The NFL Players' Association may want to use the case of Terrance Ganaway next time the collective bargaining agreement is up for renewal.

The Rams' reserve running back is working at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Waco, Tex. this off-season. Really. Instead of trying to avoid getting sandwiched between a defensive end and a linebacker, Ganaway is slicing between the ham and cheese.

“I’m on the line that makes the sandwiches,” Ganaway said. “I bake bread. Take the cashier spot. I had to sweep the other day. Clean the tables. I mean, all types of stuff. Slice the meat. Wrap the meat.”

“I’m in the heat of the battle. Trying to make sandwiches fast is Jimmy John’s policy, so it’s kind of stressful.”

Put down those pickles and get yourself an agent and an accountant, dude! The NFL's minimum base salary for rookies, like Ganaway, in 2012 was $390,000. First-year players are due to make $480,000 in 2013.

Ganaway, a former Baylor Bear, said the job came up after he jokingly tweeted that he was seeking an off-season job in Waco, where the university is located. Jimmy John's tweeted back 'We're hiring.' He now works 12 hours a week.

Kidding aside, Ganaway is showing great work ethic and frugality. Vince Young would have probably just bought a Jimmy John's store as a birthday present to himself.

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