With all of her time spent in the public eye, Rihanna is expected to be a role model.  Because, you know, someone that sings a song like 'Rude Boy' should teach little girls how to act.  Rihanna doesn't agree with this philosophy, and she does everything she can to shake the "role model" status. Her most recent defiance has very sexy results.

Last month, Rihanna posted photos of her rolling a joint on her bodyguard's head and smoking weed at Coachella (which to us--isn't very shocking for Coachella).  This time, Ri Ri is making it rain on a bunch of strippers.  You see, Rihanna works hard for the money, and just like us, she needs a stress reliever.  The best way for Rihanna to unwind from a long day of head blunt rolling is by posting scandalous photos of herself frolicking with strippers.  Not only is she grinding on them, but Rihanna doesn't leave much to the imagination.  The following picture says a million dirty words. We blurred it out a little, because our mothers read this website, but here is the original picture minus our little thumb rub.


Rihanna mocked her critics through Twitter while she was living it up at the strip club.  Some of these twitter gems include, "#RoleModelShit", "Best stress reliever =$trippers$", and "#ROCstarshit my daddy would be proud."  Yes, Rihanna your daddy would be proud.  So proud. Oh wait, there he is, at the same strip club. Wave!


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