You might have a pretty sweet life but it would be tough to compare it to the life of photographer Terry Richardson.

In the past couple months, he's had media mogul heiress Lydia Hearst pose topless, Victoria's Secret Angel and GQ cover girl Candice Swanepoel strap on a see-through top, and Kate Upton do the 'Cat Daddy' in a babymaking bikini. How could he possibly top that? With Rihanna sucking on...her thumb.


Fresh off her lights-out performance on Saturday Night Live, the hot-as-genitals singer and co-star of the upcoming film 'Battleship' posed for the living legend in short shorts, a white tank and heels. She grabbed her butt, flashed some serious leg and couldn't keep her thumb of out her mouth. Someone misses their nookie.

After the rumors we've read about Terry's libido, we're sure he had an easy solution for that. We'll just have to wait for the sordid details to come out. Meanwhile, is there a more sexually intimidating woman on the face of the planet than Rihanna?


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