Last weekend hacked photos of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn in various states of undress leaked onto the Internet. So the actresses' reps had to go through the motions of denying the legitimacy of the racier photos, even though the old eye test would suggest that they were all on the up-and-up.

When will our attractive young female celebrities learn that the only way to stop these callous invasions of privacy is by preempting the cyber-criminals? Yup, we mean getting all your R and X-rated photos out there yourself so the hackers won’t have anything to hack.

Rihanna, who has had her own issues with stolen photos, gets this now, as evident by this shot she posted on her Twitter account. She is no stranger to sexy Twitter pics.

Yes, we could do without that feather duster-looking thing she has placed between the camera and her left breast, but getting naked in front of the world is a slow process. And one we will gladly watch.

Plus if this all takes too long, someone will hack her phone eventually.

[via WBLK 93.7]

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