This woman puts the "ho" in "nacho."

Crystal D. Hotlosz was arrested earlier this month for telling an undercover cop who had contacted her that she would perform a sex act on him in exchange for $60 and nachos. The incident took place in Beaver Township, Ohio.

Seriously, Beaver. It's like the stars aligned to make this already great story even better.

Hotlosz, 36, had advertised herself online, enticing wannabe johns by proclaiming she is "thicker than a Snickers."

Hotlosz initially said she charges $160 per hour, but she and the officer ultimately haggled and agreed on $60 plus the nachos, although there is some discrepancy, with one report saying $50. Either way, it's pretty clear she's not all that far from hanging out on a street corner with a sign that says, "Will fornicate for food."

A man who drove Hotlosz to meet the officer was also arrested.

Hotlosz should at least be thankful she held out for the nachos. She could've demanded another dish and been forever known as a "whore-dita."

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