Most of us make it to adulthood knowing what foods are considered aphrodisiacs that could be helpful in improving our chances for a little desert if you know what we mean. You don't, we mean sex. Strawberries, chocolate, oysters – all of them have a reputation for helping you have a reputation. But, while they might help you get the engines started, these aren’t the foods that will help you cross the finish line. According to a new book, it’s time to change the menu.

Apparently, despite what we learned by reading Cosmo over people's shoulders, classic aphrodisiacs are not the way to have amazing sex. In fact, in some cases they are the fastest way to not have amazing sex.

According to PhD, researcher, author and sexpert Brian Clement, a lot of the pre-hanky-panky time foods we think we should be consuming have chemicals and stimulants that have a negative effect on libido and performance. But don’t worry, food and great sex can still go together, you just have to adjust your menu accordingly.

To improve your sex life, skip chocolate and oysters, because they have fatty acids that cause extra work for your liver and gallbladder, stealing blood and energy you want in your nether regions during sexytime. Other foods that are too full of fatty acids to eat beforehand include dairy and processed baked goods. You should also stay away from fatty meats like bacon and sausage. These meats contain saturated fat and cholesterol that clog the penal and vaginal arteries, which restricts the ever-important blood flow.

Great sex requires excellent circulation and stamina. You want good blood flow and extra energy and you can get that with foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, like certain kinds of fish. It’s also true that those green, leafy vegetables nutritionists are always talking about will clean your blood and open capillaries for better circulation. Carrots are a great libido enhancer, and avocados have the essential fatty acids that are perfect for fueling the body. Also making the “good sex food” list are mustard greens, spinach, baby kale, pea shoots, pumpkin seeds, figs, nutmeg, black raspberries, artichokes and yams.

So, the next time you think you have a shot, choose the grilled salmon over a bed of field greens with carrots and an avocado spread. You’ll be on your way to the moon in no time, and you won’t have to stop to get strawberry seeds out of your teeth.

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