The show 'Step by Step' was a TGIF staple in the mid-90's and always must watch television for the lovely ladies in the cast. Patrick Duffy was pretty easy on the eyes too! Let's check up on the women of 'Step by Step' and see if they've 'still got it.'


Suzanne Somers

Although Suzanne Somers is most fondly remembered for her turn as the bubbly airhead Chrissy on 'Three’s Company,' she entered prime MILF territory during her run on this 90's sitcom. The former Thighmaster spokesperson is also a frequent punchline on the E! Network’s 'The Soup,' for her slightly unhinged appearances on the various home shopping channels, hawking her various health and beauty products.


Staci Keanan

The late 80's and 90's were a good time for Staci Keanan. She was on two successful TV series, the first being 'My Two Dads' -- a show boasting the most disturbing sitcom premise of all time. However, she really came into her own during 'Step By Step' given her amazing ability to become 'blonder' as the series went on. Nowadays, Keanan stars in films with names like 'Holy Man Undercover' and 'Death and Cremation.' Death and Cremation also starred Daniel Baldwin, otherwise known from his drug addled Celebrity Fit Club appearance.


Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin is best known for playing precocious tomboy Al Lambert from 'Step by Step.' After the series was canceled, Lakin continued to find steady work, either voicing cartoons or making guest appearances on almost every crime procedural show that our parents fall asleep while watching. She also won a Golden Raspberry Award for her performance in the 2008 Paris Hilton vehicle 'The Hottie and the Nottie.'


Angela Watson

Angela Watson launched a billion middle school crushes during her turn as 'Step by Step’s' ditzy Karen Foster. Unfortunately, her acting career pretty much flatlined after the series went off the air. She also had to sue her parents for the $2.8 million dollars of 'Step by Step' money they embezzled from her. This led her to start a non-profit that helps child actors protect their earnings.

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