A Kentucky strip club is suing a competitor who called its dancers ugly.

Last week, the Godfather strip club was gearing up for a busy night.  You see, the National Farm Machinery Show was in Louisville and nothing makes farmers hornier than looking at farm machinery all day (apparently).

Unfortunately for Godfather strip club, their rival down the street, Trixie's Lounge, allegedly flashed defamatory messages about the Godfather girls on the electronic display board outside of Trixie's.  The sign reportedly called the girls "ugly," among other things.

The owner of Godfather strip club is now suing Trixie's. Photos of the sign ended up on Facebook, causing the Godfather to suffer damage to its undoubtedly sparkling reputation.  The lawsuit states that Trixie's sign was false and made public “with malice and intent to cause damage” to the Godfather strip club business.

We couldn't find photos of the sign on Facebook.  We'd like to suggest the following insults for any potential future defamatory advertising methods by Trixie's:

1) Those girls slid down "the ugly pole."

2)  If you go there, bring some bread for the butter faces you'll see.

3) Lap dances: $25, Paper bag: FREE!

4) We lost our wristwatch at _(name of competitor)_ once...

5) Cause nothing's better than waking up to a horse's head in the morning.

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