School can be boring for adolescent men.  For every study hall or passable PE class there are several more dedicated to trigonometry and literature you are probably too young to appreciate (so you use "Cliff Notes" instead).  How ever will you pass the time until the bell rings?

Well, if you are a male student from Bell Middle School in San Diego,  you fire up the old boob tube on your cell phone during a poorly-instructed English class and watch some pornography.

NBC San Diego reports that nine gym-short wearing lads were recently suspended for watching adult films and masturbating all at once (extra credit group project?) and were only caught after several students complained to the teacher, who ignored the complaints and continued to read at his desk.  The school apparently will not punish the much-maligned teacher for his inaction.  Oh, the beauties of tenure!

If portable porn-viewing and public "self-love" were the chosen courses of action during English, we shudder to think what they might have done during a biology class on female reproduction.

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