Recently, we've noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of people using and/or talking about Sriracha sauce, a spicy concoction made from chili peppers, vinegar, salt, sugar and garlic which has been one of our favorites for a long time. Awesome, welcome to the club, everyone.

It's not like Srirachi is new, but suddenly a lot more people are catching on to the deliciously saucy perfection in a the rooster bottle with a green cap. Why do we love it? Sriracha is a universal condiment, and it can be put on basically anything: Hash browns, eggs, beer and bacon battered deep-fried Doritos-- you name it, it's delicious. Hot sauce also makes us feel tough, unless we use too much and get all teary-eyed.

Much to our delight, American fast food chains are finally starting to catch onto the Sriracha trend -- Subway is now rolling out Creamy Sriracha Sauce at select locations for a test run. It's sort of like a really spicy mayo, which would be the ideal addition to any sandwich. We're really hoping this little aioli audition earns our spicy friend a permanent place at the Subway sandwich counter, and not just because it means the hot girl from the commercials will score another on-screen endorsement. It also means we can stop carrying around our own bottle in our bag.

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