Teachers need love too, and with busy school schedules, they may not always be able to find the time. It stands to reason that some teachers would be forced to steal a few moments to have intimate relations wherever they can-- even in the bathroom at a Buffalo Bills game.

Elementary school teachers, from different schools, Jennifer Rotella, 35, and Michael France, 38, were charged with public lewdness last Sunday after they were stopped outside a restroom at Ralph Wilson Stadium during a Bills game. Apparently the two had been having a go at it in one of the stalls. Touchdown!

This would seem like a comical lovers’ prank, except for the fact that France is married to someone who is not the elementary school teacher he was scoring with in the stadium bathroom. The school district is looking into the incident and determining whether or not it will take disciplinary action. After further review, the couple will probably be ruled incomplete, and the man will be ruled 'so screwed' once his wife finds out.

Maybe next time the two should go to a hotel room. It’s a little old-fashioned but you don’t get any peanut shells stuck in your hair. We also suggest an away game next time, possibly against the Colts, because its been a long time since anyone saw scoring at Lucas Oil Stadium.

[via Deadspin]

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