There are times when it is necessary for a teenage boy to raid his mother’s panty drawer in an attempt to uncover her secret stash of cash so that he can skim off the top of it to finance any number of pimple-faced necessities including smut rags and the occasional chance at banging a prostitute. Trust us.

However, when the panty drawer comes up a bust and the boner-thumping thought of bumping uglies with an experienced hooker drives the kid to commit grand larceny, chances are he has gone too far.

That’s what German authorities say happened earlier this week when a horny 14-year-old boy swiped nearly $3,800 worth of his mother’s jewels and then pawned them off for a measly $380 just so that he and one of his buddies could hook up with a couple of working girls down at the local brothel – again.

That’s right, again. According to police spokesperson Ralf Minet, the boy admitted to stealing the jewels so that he could pay for not one, but two trips around the world in the red light district with a girl.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother is ticked and now says she wants to press charges against him. "We don't know what the mother's motives are for pressing charges," Minet said. "It's possible she wants to teach him a lesson or it's possible that she felt she had lost control."

Police say that even though prostitution is legal in Germany, clients must be at least 18 years old to even stick their foot in the door, much less, well, you get the gist of it. But when police questioned the brothel madam about the two premature solicitors, she told police that she had turned them away because of their age.

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