Sometimes it seems like the whole world has got Bill Murray’s back.

And why not? Dude’s one of the most charismatic actors roaming around Hollywood. He has been for years. He’s the wry, witty, unflappable uncle everyone wants to hang out with. He’s hilarious, sardonic, and super talented. So it comes as no surprise that someone has decided to start a ‘Bill Murray Appreciation Day.’

So whose idea was it to honor everyone’s favorite Ghostbuster with a day devoted to his awesomeness? It’s a USC film student, Christopher Guerrero, who loves Murray so much, that he wants to land the actor to star in his thesis film.

“I'm about to shoot my USC thesis film here. Like most awesome movies, it requires Bill Murray,” Guerrero, who posted a video on YouTube announcing the event yesterday, writes.

Guerrero hopes launching ‘Bill Murray Appreciation Day’ will entice Murray to appear in his movie.

Check out the Bill Murray Appreciation Day Facebook page to learn more about the celebration, which takes place on February 2, Groundhog Day (der).

The official event, which will feature screenings of Murray movies, is happening at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles. But if you can’t make it to LA, we suggest celebrating in your own neck of the woods with your favorite Murray classics.

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