Fans might think that Major League Baseball players — given all the money and fame that they have — would be above, say, pranking one of their teammates by filling his glove with human Hersey squirts. Fans don't know Tim Hudson.

According to Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche, who was once a teammate of Hudson's with the Atlanta Braves, Hudson once retaliated on a LaRoche prank by filling the fingers of his first baseman's glove with poop. Holy seventh-inning stench! The disgusting move was prompted by LaRoche cutting the crotch out of the Hudson's sliding shorts.

LaRoche told MLB Network's 'Intentional Talk' that he won the prank war because he got more "victims."

We say: game, set, match, Hudson (and we hope we never have to shake LaRoche's hand). You can hear the story from LaRoche in the video below (starts at 3:10):

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