What is it with online video games and players trying to not only kill each other in-game, but out of it as well? Recently a man was accused of stabbing and beating his neighbor because the neighbor asked the dude to chill out because he could hear him screaming in his apartment to other online players.

Three boys in New Jersey decided that just stabbing someone over a video game argument wasn't psycho enough, so they firebombed the guy's house instead. According to NJ.com, Matthew Debski, 20, and brothers, Michael Cavallo, 22, and Jonathan Cavallo, 18, have 21 charges against them, including aggravated assault, arson, trespassing and overall douchebaggery.

Their bail was initially $150,000 each, but Judge Dennis Nieves raised it to $250,000 each, and the entire bail amount must be posted before they can be let out of Middlesex County jail where they've been detained since Saturday. The three firebombed the home of the Bezerra family. Jeanne Bezerra believes it is because of an argument over an online video game and they've been getting harassed by the three boys for a while now.

Online game players are starting to go nuts! What's next, someone plays for so long they die? Oh, wait...

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