When you play a round of golf you have to contend with sand traps, water hazards, the rough and your own poor swing. One thing you normally don't have to think about are sharks falling from the sky.

Yet, that's exactly what happened Monday at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in southern California. A two-foot long leopard tumbled from the horizon and landed right next to the tee box on the 12th hole.

The sea predator was alive, but looking bad with two significant puncture wounds. Club staffers bathed it in a bucket of salt water before driving it four miles to the ocean. The shark struggled at first, upon its re-entry into its natural environment, but eventually swam away.

The scary part about all this is that wildlife officials believe the shark was snatched from the water, flown four miles, and then dumped on the golf course by a predatory bird such as an osprey or a falcon.

So if sharks make you wary of the ocean, the idea of shark snatching super birds should pretty much render you a shut-in.

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