We’ve all dreamed of doing it. That final “in-your-face” speech to the boss as we walk out the door of a thankless job. The verbal middle finger we spend those late nights and working holidays composing but never get to utter out loud.

One man decided his time had come and made his final mass email a rather negative review of his manager, proving that some people just like to watch bridges go up in flames.

Unfortunately, in the supervisor-lambasting note that has since gone viral, a frustrated Kieran Allen paints a picture that makes him look pretty whiny. Allen claims that after two and a half years of “loyal service” he is leaving because his work life has been ruined over the last eight months by his manager and he is leaving with a “horrible taste” in his mouth - which he clearly feels it's necessary to share. But it gets much better than that.

He documents (for readers who actually had the patience to read through the lengthy diatribe) how he started out his tenure receiving high praise. Then, when the company became under-staffed, he was given a heavier workload, a pay raise and a promotion. He states that this was only done to keep him from quitting and working somewhere else.

Soon after, Allen became too stressed out by his new position and took a medical leave for two weeks to recover from an “imminent breakdown.” Upon his return, his boss “attacked me and made me feel an outsider. I was made to feel I had actually done wrong.” Then his boss refused to give him his 2011 bonus for some pretty legitimate sounding reasons. The nerve.

His very mature remedy for this was, rather than waste time working this out with anyone else at the company, to quit and then accuse the manager of several verbal blunders, including referring to the Paralympics as the “Spastic Olympics,” saying he was glad he "did not have a drop of Jewish blood in him,” making sexist and bigoted jokes and taking a colleague out for drinks after an interview before bringing her back for sexy time in the “meeting rooms on the 3rd floor.”  In the email, he also claims that everyone in the office was already aware of all of these things.

We salute you, angry exit letter writer guy. Way to have the last word and prove that you are indeed “a good human being who treats people with respect.” Good luck on your job search, Jerry McGuire, and no, sorry -- we're not coming with you.

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