The folks at McDonald's may be "lovin' it," but we're loving that hot redhead that was in their recent dollar menu commercial. But who is she?

Here's actress Sierra Love, whose last name is strangely appropriate for this McDonald's commercial. According to her Twitter account, she acts, crochets, rinses and then repeats. We enjoy when a girl keeps it simple, but her hotness is anything but.

Her sexy freckles, fiery red hear and pert body are enough to get us buying McDoubles for a year. Well played, McDonald's. If you look at her in certain pictures, she also kind of looks like a young Christina Hendricks, who recently made it onto our 100 Hottest Women of 2014 list. Maybe Sierra will make the list in 2015?

You can follow the aptly named Sierra Love on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is definitely one hot redhead that you'll want to keep on your radar.

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