March Madness took over many a TV set last week, and with so many upsets your bracket is probably looking more busted than a failed "Bronco Buster."  In between pointlessly caring about teams you have no allegiance to and gawking at the wife of the coach of this year's Cinderella story, you may have noticed a pretty pixie gracing your (hopefully) high-definition boob tube in Bud Light's 'Back Up Plan' spot.


Who is this hipster hottie, you ask?

Her name is Jessica Little, and not only is she an attractive woman in a beer commercial, but she also has a background in being funny (bonus points).  The Shreveport, Louisiana native moved to New York, completed her studies at the New York School of Dramatic Arts, and currently performs in several comedy troupes, thanks to her training at the Uprights Citizens Brigade.

As if being hot, humorous, and promoting hops wasn't enough, you can also catch her in the Kit

Kat "library" commercial. A "break me off a piece of that" joke would be really lame right about now, but we wouldn't blame you for saying it.