When Taco Bell finally caved to years of fan demands and gave us the Doritos Loco Tacos last year, they sold over 350 million of the nacho cheese-shelled goodness in just under 12 months; that's a lot of runs to the border. And their most successful product launch ever -- until now?

When those same fans (us) started asking, "When are we gonna get some Cool Ranch up in here?" (yes, we emailed) you better believe Taco Bell grabbed their shell engineers (yeah, that's a thing) and locked them in their kitchen labs until they came up with something late-night-drive-thru worthy. Apparently they did, because on March 7th, those doors will unlock and the new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos will roll out nationwide for the munchie-satisfying sum of $1.39 each. ($1.69 for those of us who prefer our tacos Supreme. And who doesn't?)

Of course there will be the obligatory full-on media blitz—Taco Bell tells us they are planning their largest marketing campaign in company history. (Previews are available on their YouTube channel.) And because this is 2013 and we can no longer just eat our food, we must take pics of it and share with our "friends" across social media, you and other Cool Ranch-heads can tweet @TacoBell using the hashtag #CoolRanchDLT. And discuss how cool it is that the tacos leave orange Doritos dust on your fingers, just like the real thing.

We're making jokes, but we seriously cannot wait. We just made an office-wide Facebook invite.