Sometimes, when a man and a woman really love each other, they choose to express that love in certain ways. For instance, after a year or two of dating, a couple might move in together.  As things progress, they might get engaged, marry and have children.  If their relationship is really special, however, they might just get freaky in the middle of a Walmart.

Observe 22-year-old Julian Call and his almost-cougar lady-friend, 35-year-old Tina Gianakon, who were arrested after stealing a bottle of K-Y and engaging in some petting of the heavy variety in full view of other customers at a local Walmart in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The couple were reportedly cooperative, sober and completely neglectful of the fact that Walmart has changing rooms for such behavior. You don't have to be drunk to have sex in a Walmart, just to work there.

In related (but completely fictional) news, after the incident Walmart announced it will be changing it's slogan to read "Home of Falling Prices and Customer's Pants."