Remember the hot girls you fantasized about in high school and college? No, not the girls who filed a restraining order against you, Sparky.

We're talking about the models, actresses and celebrities who were the objects of your lust before online porn sites became your version of 'Farmville.' GuySpeed did some searching to compare babes who have stayed hot, versus which ones are not.

Which of these old-school sex symbols still have 'it?'

  • Kathy Ireland

    Kathy Ireland

    Does this 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit model still make you stop turning the pages?

  • Lucy Lawless

    Lucy LawlessDoes the former star of 'Xena: Warrior Princess' still make you want to get into leather?

  • Lori Loughlin

    Lori LoughlinDoes the former "Full House' star make you want to say 'Have Mercy' ?

  • Rosie Perez

    Rosie PerezDoes this star of 'White Men Can't Jump,' ' Do the Right Thing' and 'Fearless' make you want to learn naughty Spanish words?

  • Keri Russell

    Keri RussellWould you still cut off all your kid sister's hair to hook up with the former star of 'Felicity?'

  • Joey Lauren Adams

    Joey Lauren AdamsWould you say douchey, Ben Affleck-like things to hang out with this 'Chasing Amy' star?

  • Claire Forlani

    Claire ForlaniWould you give a lap dance to Kevin Smith to meet this former 'Mallrats' star?

  • Jenna Von Oy

    Jenna Von OyDoes this former co-star of 'Blossom' still make you say 'Whoa!' ?

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