Kate Upton + beach + product = ad. That's it. Done.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is featured on a new ad for DirecTV. If you have seen other Kate Upton ads, and YOU HAVE, you know how this works. It's to the point now that ad agencies and creative directors don't even have to be consulted in creating a Kate Upton ad. Watch below:

"Go get DirecTV, right now. I'll wait…"

Mmmkay. So, not withstanding that the Kate Upton ad for DirecTV probably worked, Kate Upton said two sentences in this ad.


That pretty much means Kate Upton can sit around on a beach with a Flip cam and just randomly mention products and have people drop off bags of money at her door as if she was some sort of ingenious hybrid of the IRS, Don Draper and, well, Kate Upton.

If she ever signs on to market a male potency drug, she may not have to deliver any lines at all. God bless America.

[Via YouTube]

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