First, there's the tennis ball-headed fan and now this. Seriously, what is going on at Wimbledon?

This guy didn't seem to be aware that the cameras were on him because if he did we think he probably would've held off on munching on his ear wax.

The Vine comes with the caption, "The food available at #Wimbledon is getting worse." British is already notoriously bad enough, so imagine just how bad the fish and chips must be for a fan to resort to chomping down on his own ear wax.

And even though food at sporting events is notoriously overpriced, you'd think a guy who's able to afford seats at Wimbledon wouldn't have a problem forking over a couple quid on some concessions and avoid eating grub from his own orifice.

Was this the main course? Did he enjoy some snot as an appetizer and bite some nails for dessert? You know what? It might be better if we don't find out the answer.

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