When they’re not busy eating one another, the North Koreans have a real fondness for creating trippy self-promotion videos; it's kind of their thing. They may have outdone themselves with this new one, though, which features a man peacefully dreaming about launching a rocket attack on New York City—complete with graphics straight from 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.'

The video, which was posted by the official North Korean propaganda agency, steals images from Modern Warfare 3 to show the New York skyline in flames, courtesy of North Korean rockets and a psychedelic spaceship. Perhaps even more bizarre, the background music is a piano rendition of the Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie song 'We Are the World.' Yeah, the one that raised money for Ethiopian famine relief back in the 80s.

North Korea may not lead the world in level-headed sanity (unicorns anyone?), but their place as the world’s authority in WTF videos is second to none.

Check out the North Korean video along with the Call of Duty cut scene below.

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