It's hard out there for foot enthusiasts.  Well, at least it is for one man who has taken to posing as an 'America's Funniest Home Video' prankster to get some action.

Registered sex offender Joey Leaphart was arrested this week for approaching an 18-year-old Georgia woman under the guise that he was part of a prank for AFV. The 43-year-old man said they would pay for her items (up to $100) for her participation. She reluctantly agreed and he dropped to the floor and began sucking on her toe.

The accosted shopper began to scream and told him to stop. Leaphart gets up, tells her "Oh, it tasted so good though!" and high-tailed it out of the store.

The alleged Walmart toe-sucker adds this misdemeanor charge of "simple battery" involving "hands/feet/teeth" to his record which already included a February arrest for approaching a female shopper in South Carolina and asking if he could kiss and smell her feet. Has he tried the Walmart steaks?

Oh, the funny things you do, America, America, this is you.