Jason Elia had the perfect plan -- Take his girlfriend to the Super Bowl, and ask for her hand in marriage on the world's biggest sporting stage. However, fate took a turn for the worst, and Elia was diagnosed with bladder cancer, which almost immediately led to his partner breaking up with him.

It's bad enough to leave your lover over a life-threatening illness, but Elia's ex thought it'd be in good taste to still ask for those coveted Super Bowl tickets (She's either heartless, or a HUGE Madonna fan). Instead of indulging her demonic request, Elia auctioned off the tickets via his Twitter account, and announced the winner on his podcast today.

We wish Elia a speedy recovery but we hope this serves as a lesson to everyone out there -- guys with podcasts should never have girlfriends. They are only dating you for the celebrity status.

[Via Deadspin]

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