Devil May Cry is one thing, but Bayonetta is another beast altogether.

Hideki Kamiya, director of DMC (as well as Resident Evil 2 and Okami) took his famous "extreme combat" action title, a game which favored stylized action over substance, and make it even more over the top and insane.

Just take main character Bayonetta, the high-heels wearing, four-gun packing, long-haired vixen, is a witch that can summon various implements of destruction to destroy her enemies. Those "implements" just so happen to be angels. She'll chop them into pieces with chainsaws and throw them in iron maidens and guillotines, and even summon a dragon out of her hair to chomp bosses into pieces.

Constantly surprising, absolutely ridiculous and just one of the most flat-out entertaining action games you'll ever play. Dante's got nothing on this.