KFC has been in the news a lot recently. John Travolta recently tried to make a reservation at the low-rent chicken chain, and would-be jewelry thieves were so tempted that they opted to steal a couple of buckets of extra crispy. It's also become a Christmas meal tradition over in Japan. So what's KFC making headlines for now?

British teen Ibrahim Langoo was eating at the chicken joint last month, when he found what he says looked like a miniature brain inside of his chicken sandwich. He posted a photo to his Facebook page, and as far as we can tell Langoo's accusations seem pretty accurate. That looks like a brain.

Langoo complained to the store's employees and KFC acknowledged the incident, saying what Langoo saw was "most likely a kidney," an organ which can sometimes be left behind in the farm-to-sandwich process, but is harmless to ingest. Well, except the part about it being a massive appetite killer.

So what did the fast food chain do to make it up to Ibrahim? KFC sent him a few coupons and called it even. They must have some real bird-brains staffing their public relations department, if they think that's a fair trade.

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