There is a ton of fun to be had in the summer time but hot weather always involves one sticking point — and it ain’t your sweaty crotch to leather seats.

The amount of summer fun depends on the abundance of your personal funds. Good thing there is a way to make a little moolah to bankroll your entire summer.

The people at, your online destination to win money playing fantasy baseball every day, want to keep the money flowing like aqua in a water park. Thisweek, DraftKings is giving GuySpeed readers an exclusive shot at winning $100K in cold, crisp cash. The rules are simple:

Each entry into the exclusive contest is just $1 and if users make the minimum $5 deposit, they automatically get an additional $5 credited to their account. The 1st place winner gets one ticket (valued at $100) into the DraftKings Spring Fling where they’ll compete for the chance at $100,000. The second through tenth place finishers get $5 credited to their DraftKings account.

To recap, at least half of the entries are GUARANTEED to win money, and the first place finisher will get a real shot at life-changing money.

The contest is only open to GuySpeed readers and spaces are limited. The whole thing kicks off Friday, May 10th, but you can enter early by clicking here. You don’t want to miss out on a chance at $100,000.

Don’t wait! Enter now! Because this contest is hidden from the lobby, the only place to get in is through this article.

To learn more about how DraftKings works, click here.

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