The Eater: Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry), a New York-based project manager for a high-flying restaurant chain who's come to Las Vegas to oversee the construction of a new franchise. Shortly after he first arrives, he has a one-night stand with Isabel (Salma Hayek), who gets pregnant. After attempting to make an honest woman out of her, the couple splits up, their cultural differences proving too much for them to overcome.

The Food: Hot dogs loaded with sauerkraut from Gray's Papaya.

The Hitch: The hot dogs are the chief turning point in their relationship -- his favorite food and one he dearly misses. Isabel has them flown in from New York as part of her apology for rejecting his good intentions. And to prove she has his best interests in heart.

The End Result: His mouth stuffed with hot dog, he pronounces it "the best birthday ever" and they presumably live in wedded bliss from that moment forward.